All Halal meat sourced and supplied from UK premier suppliers like Adams Halal Food Ltd, Birmingham (Chicken), Ashbourne Meats Ltd, Ireland (Beef), Dunleavy Meats Ltd, Ireland ( Lamb & Beef) who are contractually required to meet or exceed all relevant UK and EU legislation while also complying with Halal requirements according to the Islamic Law.

Our Halal meat is stored, prepared and packed in a designated Halal area.

Our quality Halal beef is 28 day matured and has its own refrigeration unit with no cross contamination from other meats.

Our Halal chicken and Halal lamb is purchased daily, prepared in the Halal cutting facility and stored in designated Halal fridges.

We have separate cutting machines and knives for all of Halal procedures.

We are not an abattoir but we are a Halal certified cutting and packing plant for many years.

Source fresh, delicious halal meat without the hassle. We understand the frustration in finding trustworthy, halal-certified sellers. So we’re restoring confidence and reassuring your customers that they can be proud of their faith and passionate about their food.

We are committed to serving the Muslim community and realise the importance of cultural traditions and beliefs, without compromise. That’s why we offer a range of tasty halal meats, cut and prepared in an isolated area by trained, respectable staff.

We are governed by The Halal Monitoring Board www.hmbhalal.com , who actively check our premises at any time they also do regular checks throughout the year. We can assure all of our customers that our meat is 100% halal.